Pitagora Room

Pitagora Room is soundproofed and have audio and video equipment, complimentary Wifi and mobile network signal.

The stage and podium and the courtesy kit for the speakers (notebook and pencil with the hotel’s logo) are included.
A secretarial desk with Internet, which is directly linked to the back office for printing and fax services, is also made available.

One of the hotel’s technical staff will be on hand for the duration of the event. If required the hotel can provide assistance with special layouts or staging.

Width: 14 m
Length: 14 m
Height: Variable, since the Room is inclined (btw. 3.20 m / 3.40 m)
Seats in Theater Layout: 263
Seats in Classroom Layout: 120
Seats in Cabaret Layout: 80
Seats in U-Shape Layout: 50
Internet Wi-Fi: Yes
Stage: (Width): 10 m (Length): 3 m
Darkening Curtains: yes
Video Projector on Roof: Yes
Screen: (Length): 3.35 m (Height): 2.70 m
Podium: Yes
Audio Setting: Yes
Lights System in Sala Pitagora This room has 24 ceiling lights with dimentions 57*57 cm and 14 wall lights of irregular curved shape of dimensions 27*29 cm


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