Fidia Room

The Fidia room is our flagship regarding the Meeting business and industry benchmark for congresses and events throughout the Siracusa area. You can organize events on a certain scale thanks to the high capacity of the room.

It is a modular room, 24 long and over 15 meters wide. The stage has a length of 10 meters and a width of 3 meters.
For this meeting room we offer four different arrangements: theater layout (up to 400 people), single table (up to 150 people), classroom layout (up to 150 people) and Horseshoe (up to 90 places). You can also browse the free Wi-Fi and an extension of the mobile network signal. For the speakers you can request a courtesy line.

Our staff will be available to help you organize your event and if you need to have and special scenery and services. The staff will be there to support you during the event itself, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and with no interruption.

Width: 15.5 m
Length: 24 m
Height: Variable, since the Room is inclined (btw. 3.20 m / 3.40 m)
Seats in Theater Layout: 400
Seats in Classroom Layout: 150
Seats in Cabaret Layout: 150
Seats in U-Shape Layout: 90
Internet Wi-Fi: Yes
Stage: (Width): 10 m (Length): 3 m
Darkening Curtains: yes
Video Projector on Roof: Yes
Screen: (Length): 3.35 m (Height): 2.70 m
Podium: Yes
Audio Setting: Yes


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